Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hilights of Summer 08

Puerto Vallarta with Mom Luke and my Best friend Lindz(7 months pregnant) and her sister Holly
Nancy Miller...isn't she cute
Luke and his friend Dylan at our fiesta dinner
So me and Lindz Really Love Speedos especially on men who really should be in them so I made her pretend like I was taking her picture so I could capture the beauty for all of you
Lindz and I at our hotel room...gorgeous! Lindz had her baby girl in April and named her Sienna Cruz, she's perfect!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Meet The Duke

Meet Peter Duke, my boyfriend of over a year.He keeps me laughing everyday!
So I like Cowboys..
This is obviously my first experience blogging as you can tell with my crooked picture..But Aunt Julie was teaching me. Anyway we love waders and our dogs
Peter at A-basin, at the end of the year that's why theres shorts..But he says Safety First
On Fourth of July this year in Frisco..yes we loved the bouncy castle
Lot's has been going on since I have seen all my Family in Utah. Peters been such a huge part of it so we started of with that